Let's Play Some Guitar.


Artifact Post 1

One artifact that I chose to symbolize my topic is a guitar pick. The guitar pick is used in variation by different types of guitarists. It is a small instument used to pluck or strum guitars. I feel that this symbolizes my topic pretty well because of the fact that so many guitarists use it, and when one pictures a guitar it is very common to associate a pick with it.

The pick comes in a few different variations. It can be hard, - meaning stronger and thicker, soft - meaning weaker and less thick, and a few other strengths in between. It comes in different materials as well, for example plastic, felt, rubber, nylon, tortoise shell, wood, metal, and stone. There are also different shapes. 

The pick is important to my community because it can symbolize how a person plays the guitar. Even if a person does not use a pick, they would know that the pick is important to playing the guitar. It is one symbol that can represent the larger community of guitar players.