Let's Play Some Guitar.



As I read through this weeks required or special blog posts and saw that I would have to find a controversy dealing with my topic, it hit me that this may be a hard task. I searched the internet and other places to find something, anything that might go with a controversy dealing with learning to play the guitar or the guitar in general. I was not wrong when I guessed that it would be hard to find.

I found a controversy dealing with the Gibson Guitar Cooperation - and I’m sure it has also occurred to other giant manufacturers of different types of guitars. Gibson Guitars actually began in Kalamazoo, MI in 1894, but moved to Nashville, TN. They make many different types of guitars, from electric to acoustic and bass.

Gibson has had a few different controversies when they sued two different companies for selling unauthorized copies of their guitars. The two companies were manufacturing different guitars that embodied a very very similar style to that of a gibson guitar. Gibson sought legal action against the two companies on the grounds of that the companies made guitars too similar to their own.

Gibson was also under investigation in 2007 and 2011 for having guitar material deemed endangered and illegal and violating materials made illegal by the “Lacey Act” which contains regulations about illegal wildlife that is transported or sold. 

The two examples here show a guitar company which had a situation where they had to take legal action and one where they had legal action taken against them, and is associated with my community in a certain way - though I don’t believe that it has affected a great number of the guitar playing or music communities.